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2017-06-20 08:29:43 Антон, Москва
Хотел бы поблагодарить за хорошую организацию тура. Отдельное спасибо Павлу за организационное сопровождение и хорошую компанию во время нашего пребывания в Приэльбрусье. И конечно Дмитрию, который вёл нас, заботился о нас во время восхождения и после него. Всё было профессионально и комфортно. У Вас хорошая команда!
Если соберёмся ещё раз (на вершину то пока не взошли), знаем к кому обращаться.))
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Price 48500.00 Rur

Western (5642 m.) from South.

Season of skis at topMany people consider that it is difficult and dangerous to ascent to Elbrus. Elbrus-the highest mountain in Russia, Caucasus, Europe. An ascension to Elbrus - prestigious extreme tour, it is possible for ordinary physically healthy people and it isn't necessary for you have to have special mountaineering skills. Only thing that is necessary – desire and ability to forget about the civilization benefits at least on a week. You will appear in the atmosphere of the protogenic nature, you will feel cold of glaciers and snow, morning unearthly beauty of majestic Elbrus and pass through all this despite a frost and laziness. And when you will pass through all this in an award you receive almost primitive feeling of freedom when after the next step you find out that above you - anything and anybody. When you in a valley looked at mountains having lifted up the head, now they are somewhere there.... below. And, probably, only there, at the top of mountain it is possible to understand that it can't be subdued you can only to ascent the mount. And already in a valley you understand that has to return there not once.
   Previous years of our work shows that nine of our ten guests successfully make an ascension to Elbrus ,if the weather conditions are favorable. Elbrus the most east five–thousander mountain of the Caucasus. Professional guides, proper equipment and the optimized program of acclimatization make this tour successful and save.
   We offer combined round. And if you were going to go with you company – call or write us- we will organize round in the terms specified by you.
Natural factors such as altitude, an air sparseness, cold, frequent winds, lack of visibility in bad weather, allocation of sulfuric gases, hyperactivity of sunlight will demand from climbers good physical form, endurance and proper equipment

    Tour is not recommended to the people having medical contra-indications!!!

Important information

  • Due to the increased danger of tour the guide’s instructions are obligatory for execution by all members of tour.
  • Depending on weather conditions and a group condition the program of tour can be changed in coordination with participants of group
  • The guide and travel company does not bear responsibility for non successful summit climbing because of bad physical condition of a person or a personal indiscipline, bad weather or a route condition.
  • Controversial questions can be solved BEFORE an exit to an ascension to Elbrus or AFTER descent to a shelter

!!!!The guide and travel company have the rights to terminate for certain participants or all group without compensation of payment in cases:

  • Autocratic actions of the tourists breaking safety rules;
  • Non-observance of rules of a public order and excessive use of alcohol drinks;
  • manifestations of disrespect for local population and sights of the area


Day-by-day tour program.

Day 1. View of Elbrus from ChegetMeeting with our representative at the airport of Mineralnye Vody. Transfer to Prielbrusye. Accommodation in hotel"Vershina" or “Scheherazade” hotels.

Day 2. Transfer to Cheget glade. Acclimatization ski tour on the slope of mt Cheget. Duration of journey depends on physical condition of group members and weather conditions, usually it takes 5-6 hours. With good snow covering we recommend rise on skis from the lower station. Additionally you can buy tickets for the cable lift by yourself. Return to hotel.

Day 3. Transfer to Adyl-Su valley. Acclimatization ski tour in one of the routes in the valley:
- ski tour on the slope mt Andyrchi
- ski tour on the slope mt Kurmychi
The decision about route is making in conference with guide. Return to hotel.

Day 4. The main Caucasian ridge Hike up to station “Mir”, cable way lift up to “Gara-Bashi” station. Ski-rise up to the shelter at the altitude of 3900m Acclimatization trek to the end of rocky chine (4400 m.)
*** because of unstable cable lift operating there is a possibility of walking by feet up to station “Mir”. The group may hire a snowcat for lifting up baggage of all members of the group.

Day 5. Acclimatization ski tour to Pastukhov Rocks (4600-4750 m.). Descent and overnight stay at the shelter at the altitude of 3900m.

Day 6. Day of ascent. Early leaving – at 3 AM. Depending on route conditions it is possible to rise on skis on different heights, since there is an open ice above and sometimes below of Pastukhov Rocks in Spring. In that case we move further without skis with crampons and belay down to use of fixed cords (handrail). For an additional payment it is possible to hire a snow-cat for rise under Pastukhov Rocks. In this case powers for an ascension are saved and it is possible to leave later -at 4 AM. The early beginning of a routeDuration of ascent is about 10 hours (ascension and descent). The descend is possible till hotel. In this case we have to pay for one day accommodation in hotel.

Day 7. Extra day in case of bad weather conditions. Accommodation in hut or descent to the hotel in case of successful climb in previous day.

Day 8. Early breakfast. Departure from hotel at 7.00. Probably later term departure at the consent of all participants of round. .

Tour cost includes:

      • All tour transfers
      • Accommodation in the hotels (4 nights)
      • Accommodation in the hut located at height of 3900 m.(3 nights)Kosaya polka
      • Breakfasts, suppers + lunch-packages when out.
      • Hiring of public equipment and kitchen equipment.
      • Service of professional ski-guide.
      • Payment for cable lifting while climbing to refugee.
      • Full-pension while being in refugee + lunch-packages when out.
      • Additional guides for climb (1 for each 3-4 people)
      • Service of cook on the refugee
      • Registration in Prielbrusye region for foreign citizenships.

Tour cost doesn’t include:

      • Flight Moscow – Minvody and Minvody – Moscow.
      • Dinners in hotels
      • Hire of personal alpinism equipment
      • Cable chair lift to Mt Cheget.
      • Snow-cat hiring for climb to refugee and Pastukhov rocks.
      • Additional excursions
      • Tips for staff
      • Additional payment for single room
      • Permit for climb (being in National Park) – 1000 rub (~25€)

Required documents:
Passport, medical insurance, voucher, migration card.

Minibus “Gazel” or similar on the route Minvody – Terscol – Pyatigorsk – Minvody, “Gazel” or “UAZ” (in case of roads bad condition) in Prielbrusye.

Hotels “Vershina” and “Scheherazade” are situated on the glade Azau not far from the cable-way.“Vershina” is a new double-level wood building in Russian style (felling), with 17 rooms, with toilet and shower in each room, satellite TV. You can relax and socialize with your friends in a bar with a fireplace. “Scheherazade” looks like a mini-hotel of European level.

Hotels have their own bars-cafes with dishes of national and European cuisine. Lunch-packs are prepared by guides and cook. Nutrition on the shelter is organized on the shelter’s kitchen. First and second courses, salads are served every day. There’s always hot tea and crackers on tables.

You’ll be served by qualified guide and reserve guide (for ascend period if number of group is more than 4 persons), cook on the shelter.

Medical care and security
Expeditions are equipped with medicine chest and first-aid outfit. If you require individual medicines, you have to take it by yourself and warn your guide about Your organism specifications.
Before starting a tour the group is registering in the Elbrus branch of MHS of Russia. During all route the guide always has connection with rescuers. For communicating inside the group we use radio stations “walkie-talkie”.
For orienting in bad weather conditions every group is equipped with GPS-navigators.


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