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2017-06-20 08:29:43 Антон, Москва
Хотел бы поблагодарить за хорошую организацию тура. Отдельное спасибо Павлу за организационное сопровождение и хорошую компанию во время нашего пребывания в Приэльбрусье. И конечно Дмитрию, который вёл нас, заботился о нас во время восхождения и после него. Всё было профессионально и комфортно. У Вас хорошая команда!
Если соберёмся ещё раз (на вершину то пока не взошли), знаем к кому обращаться.))
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Process of ordering:


1. You fill our application form online, which is under description of any tour, or send a request by e-mail or fax. If there’s our representation in your country – contact them. Coordinate your further actions with them.

2. We send you confirmation of order, bill and details of payment.

3. You pay registration fee – 100 euro for person.

4. You have to define dates and duration of tour – we will support all visa formalities.

5. We send visa support by fax and comments by e-mail

6. You apply for visa in Russian embassy.

7. You inform us which flight do you arrive in Russia and how do you prefer to get tickets to Minvody airport.

    You can choose the flight  and buy the ticket online.

    There are following links:

If you’d like to use our partner’s services in Moscow before leaving to Caucasus, please inform us in advance. If You decide to visit Moscow after our program, You may coordinate your plans with our representative. We send you a bill for flight ticket to Minvody and our partners services.

 8.Inform us if you want to hire some additional equipment.

  How to get to the place:

  Our route starts in the airport of Mineralnye vody and ends at the same place. To get all in one place we need to coordinate our actions clearly. To get to the place of gathering in time you have to bye tickets by yourself or through our partners in your country from your airport to one of the Moscow airports. It’s better to choose time of arriving before afternoon. It’d allow you to get to the place of gathering in the airport of Minvody in time. We can help you to bye tickets or you can do it by yourself (there are about 6-7 flights Moscow – Minvody per day).

 This scheme saves time and money for transportation and accommodation in Moscow.


We don’t accept credit cards or checks yet, because the bank network isn’t developed in the Prielbrusye region yet. But we will accept them soon!

While  You can use following ways of payment:

• bank wire transfer;

• cash transfer through any transfer system – MoneyGramm, WebMoney a.c.;

• We will send you our bank details with a bill. You can pay in any currency according to current currency rate. Currency rate is available:  www.x-rates.com/calculator.html.

The prices are fixed in Russian Rubles, may be paid in US dollars or in Euro according to the Central Bank of Russia current exchange rate (http://www.cbr.ru/eng/currency_base/daily.aspx ) on the date of payment.

You can cash your credit card in local office of a bank in Caucasus if desired. You may use MasterCard, Cirrus/Maestro card. Bank commissions - 2%. For buying things or services you’ve got to have cash in Russian rubles.  Foreign currency operations on the territory of Russia are prohibited. You may change your currency for rubles in currency exchanges. You may view a rate of currencies of Central Bank of Russia on our site home page. Usually it’s 1-3 % higher in currency exchanges. It’s better to change your currency in Moscow as it could be unfavorable in Prielbrusye. Moreover local banks work with US dollar mainly and unwillingly accept other currency


To come to Russia you need to get the Russian visa. Russian visa has period of stay - from Date to Date. You can enter and leave Russia on any date but only within that period. Overstay is a serious violation and you will have big problems with police and penalty fees when you finally decide to leave Russia having your visa period expired. All Russian Visas should be registered upon arrival to the Russian Federation. According to Russian law, your Russian visa must be registered within 72 hours upon your arrival (excluding weekends and official holidays). ( Note that upon arrival to Russia, you are given a migration card. You should keep it because you must submit it upon departure ). Requirements for foreign citizens to enter Russia (tourist visa) you can look here  ( www.visatorussia.com) (http://newyork.mid.ru/en_GB/web/newyork_en/tourist-visa) To apply for Russian visa you need visa support documents. We can provide you with necessary support documents (Visa Support Letter-VSL).Visa support is the reason for the consulate to issue the visa. Here is a very usefull link on the website (http://www.traveldocs.com/ru)  where you can find more detailed info.

Arriving to Russia and program:

1. You arrive in Moscow and if it’s necessary go to another airport, go to the ticket office we tell you and receive a ticket to Minvody for your name.

2. In the airport of Minvody you’ll be met by our representative or guide which will be working with you during program.

3. You pay a bill and start a program.

4. If you have any wishing about your program in Caucasus and Russia after the program – coordinate your plans with our representative.

 Behavior rules:

• Non-observance of rules of a public order

• Autocratic actions of the tourists breaking safety rules;

• Manifestations of disrespect for local population and sights of the area

• use the designated toilet premises (otherwise you will be fined 200 euros)

• Try not to disturb environment loud shouts and music.

• Constantly care of environment. Try not to harm to flora and fauna. Surely take away with itself all the garbage

• If you use detergents, try to do this procedure at distance from a water source

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